Backup Your Xbox 360 downloads - Here Is How To Do It

Xbox 360 boasts of hard-hitting games in its console. Utilizing its powerful processor and graphic capabilities, it possesses some of the best games around. These top seller games include; Call of duty 2, Ghost recon advanced warfare, The elder scrolls IV: Oblivion, Dead or Alive 4, Saints row, Gears of war, and the best-selling game Halo 3. These are just samples of the games for the new Xbox and there are lots more of titles available not only in the market but also on the internet for downloads. You can see this popular xbox website for some downloads.

If you have these games, it will surely pass around friends that have an Xbox 360. Its breath taking graphics and heart pounding action will surely make you play the game again and again. But due to the fact that the Microsoft xbox 360 is causing lots of trouble on game discs like scratches because of the malfunctioning of several DVD-drives, it is pertinent therefore that you backup your own copy.

Here’s a quick guide on how to backup your xbox 360:


1) A DVD-drive which can be easily taken apart
2) Your xbox 360 game
3) Data/Movie DVD which is at least 8 gigabyte in size
4) Philips screwdriver to open your DVD-drive
5) WxRipper. You can get one at
6) Wx360 (this is however optional). You can obtain it Here!
7) Lastly, you need some patience

1: Take your DVD-drive apart

First, we need to assess the laser unit of our DVD-drive, this is usually be done by removing the screws which holds it casing.

2: Installing your DVD-drive

The hardest part is over, and we should now connect our DVD-drive to the computer and place it in a place where it is easily accessible.

3: WxRipper

By now you should have extracted both files mentioned earlier and have them installed on your computer, and then run the WxRipper.

a) Put your DVD in the drive which is over 8 gigabyte and wait until your computer recognizes it.

b) From the menu tab, select Hotswap and then "Find magic number."

c) After the magic number has been found, you then select "Stop drive".

d) Now comes the magic part, you need to switch the DVD which is in your drive with your original game.

WARNING: this needs to be done without pressing the "eject" button!

e) When everything is back in place, select "spin drive"

f) When the drive is spinning, then it is time to dump the image. Click on “start dump” to do this

g) You can take a break now as this stage can take a longer time depending on the read speed of your DVD drive.

h) After this is done, you have now successfully dumped your xbox 360 game.

- The dumped image is an exact RAW copy of the original game disc, which means any dummy data is copied with this.

- You can now burn this .iso file to an empty dvd-r dl.

With this, you can now play your favorite game over and over again without any iota of fear that the disc will get damaged.

A thorough guide is also available at